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Synagogues in Lvov (Lwow, Lviv, Lemberg)

Synagogue "Zlota Roza" (Golden Rose) located near Fedorova Street. Designed by Pawel Szczesliwy and built between 1580-1595 by Izaak Nachmanowicz (Nachmanovitch or Nachman). It was private synagogue and from 1604 it became Community Synagogue. Destroyed by Nazis in the summer of 1942. Only small part of it survived...

Hasidic Synagogue built between 1841-1844. Now in this building is located The Center of Jewish Culture

Synagogue "Cori Gold" at Braci Michnowskich Street. Designed by architect A. Kornblut and built in 1924

Site where Great Synagogue stood - built in the middle of the 17th century and reconstructed in the 19th century, but destroyed by Nazis in August 1941

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