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Lazare Berneman
Looking for families from Kozienice, Poland: BERNEMAN and FLAM.

Daphna Brafman
Looking for information about Mordechai BRAFMAN from Warsaw, Warszawa. Mordechai was born in the early 1920's to Abraham and Bracha BRAFMAN. Last known address is 50 Nowolipie street. Two brothers: Schmuel and Chaim-Moshe (twins).

Amy Feigenbaum
Looking for FEIGENBAUM family (from Parcew, Parcev, Porchew). When the Feigenbaums came to the U.S. they formed the Partziver Young Mens Benevolent Assoc.

Michael Flame
Looking for FLAMM, FLAMME, FLAME family (they came to England via Poland, Rotterdam during the 1870's)

Timna Gertsovski
Looking for family history of: Zalman GERCOWSKI from Slonim. His wife's name was Rivka, her maiden name is unknown. He was one of 16 children. He had 7 children, 3 known to have survived and lived in Argentina and Israel.
Shmuel Zalman DAJCZMAN from Sosnowiec (my grandfather on my mother's side, they owned a store probably in Stopnica).
Rivka SJTROSBERG from Sosnowiec or Stopnica (my grandmother on my mother's side). Two daughters known to have survived and live in Israel.

Barb Gibian Heinrich
Looking for GIBIANSKI born in Sejny, Poland (Suwalki Gubernia). LEWIN from Warsaw. LUNSKI family.

Hadass Hanany
Looking for any information about the OSZLAK family (from Warszawa, Varsha, Warsaw and Garwolin).

Kersch family
Looking for the family KIRSCHENBLATT, KERSCHENBLAT (probably from Lodz)
Chaje Kirschenblatt - the daughter was Sara.
Moshek (Morris) Kerschenblat - son of Yudek and Tcerlia.
Khaja Kirschbaum - daugther of Motele and Rulmmiur Ingberg.
Moshek (Morris) Kerschenblat was 24 years old in 1912
when he marries Khaja Rifka Kirschbaum 20 years old.

Rifka Ledereich
Looking for the family KRAKAUER (Bendzin, Bedzin, Kattowitz, Katowice).

Steve Lederman
Looking for any information about SZULDENREIN family (Warsaw, Warszawa, Warschau) and information about the family business "Szuldenrein Wine", the Kosher wine of Poland prior to WWII.

Sergio Marynberg
Looking for the family: ZYTNO or ZYTNER (from Rozjate, Warszawa, Wola Rasztowska).

Caryn Danziger Morginstin
Looking for information about relatives of my father Moshe Yitzchok Danziger (Michael) born in 1921 in Kaluszyn. He is the son of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Danziger born in 1895 in Dubienca, married to Chava Ajler from Dubienca born in 1900. His grandparents were Jacob and Yenta (Gailor) Danziger, they had 10 sons. They also had family in Tyszowce. His maternal grandparents were Leibush and Lea (Zoner) Ajler.

Joseph Richman
Zeid, Rifka & Bruna RICHMAN, Nathan searching for ZEID family from (Zamosc, Lublin, Poland). Rose (Rifka) or (Bruna) Rose married Nathan RICHMAN in Poland. Nathan immigrated to USA 1920. Rose followed in 1922 with 4 year-old female child (Molly).

Linda Silverman Shefler
I am researching ROSENBLATT/ROZENBLAT from: Checiny / Sosnowiec / Czestochowa (Poland) - from the Holocaust and prior. Also need information regarding HARAV HAGAON SHIMON of Checiny, ROSENBLATTS from Pittsburgh, PA and Providence, RI - 1850's to present.

Irit Shikolsky
Looking for ASH family (from Warszawa, Varsha, Warsaw).

Diana Terry
Looking for BERLINER (from Warsaw), JEZIOROWSKI (from Czestochowa).

Diana Wang
Looking for ROMAN ZACHODNY born around 1930/2 probably in Stryj, south of Lviv (Lwow), former Poland, now Ukraine. He lived with his parents and older sister during the II World War, at ul. Berka Joselewicka in Stryj, and they hid my parents and aunt and cousin. It was between 1942 and 1944.
My parents were called MESIO and CESIA WANG and my aunt was called FRYDA WANG and my cousin - he was about 5 years old then - CELUS WANG. They were hidden in the attic of the Zachodny´s appartment. They, the Zachodnys, got their food and took care of their needs during the two years. This saved them. Roman was then 10-12 years old and his sister about two years older. Family pictures: open website in a new window

Marc Wluczka
Looking for information about families who are now living in Poland or other country related to mine. Names: WLUCZKA, WLOCZKA, WLOTSKA, WLOTZKA. Family was living in Kalisz, but also in Warszawa (Warsaw). Hersh WLUCZKA and Hella HELFONT married in Kalisz in 1919 probably and left Poland for France, vanished in the Shoah.

David Zohar
I am looking for members of the CHMIELNIK family living in Kolo, Konin, Turek who may have survived the war. My great-grandfather was CHMIELNIK.

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