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orah, the holiest legacy of Judaism, consists of the 5 Books of Moses, and is the first and most important part of the Written Law (Bible), which also includes the prophets and hagiographs.
Torah found in Bedzin ruins
One page from Torah
found in Bedzin (Bendzin, Bendsburg) ruins

The Torah scrolls are written by hand on parchment (less often, but especially so by Oriental Jews, on leather).

Originally seven men from the audience were "called up" on a Shabbat (five on holidays and six on Yom Kippur) to read aloud the sections from the Torah. But today this reading aloud is usually performed by "Baal Kore" while the "called up" person stands next to him.

s the Torah may not be touched with a naked hand, the reader uses a Torah-pointer (Jad-Hand) made of silver or wood which enables him to grasp the sense of the text and follow the wording in a low voice.

After the reading, the Torah scroll is lifted up, opened, and shown to the whole congregation. Then it is closed and wrapped in a Torah binder (Mappah).

Aside from its law-giving sections, the Torah includes historical passages
concerning the early history of the world
as well as it represents the actual constitution
and book of laws of the Jewish people.

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