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The world knew about Holocaust...

Report by Szmul Zygielbojm

from "Daily Telegraph" published in 1942 (25 June):

"(...) the Germans have set themselves to the physical extermination of the Jewish population in Poland. (...) The procedure everywhere has been as follows: all men between the ages of 14 and 60 have been driven together in one place - a square or a cemetery - and there moved down by machine guns or blasted with hand grenades, after having been made to dig their own graves. The children in orphanages, the pensioners in almshouses, the sick in hospitals were shot and women were killed in the streets. In many places the Jews were deported to an unknown destination and killed in neighbouring woods. In Lwow 30000 Jews were killed in that way, in Stanislawow 15000, in Tarnopol 5000, in Zloczow 2000, in Brzezany 4000 (...) The same things happened in Zborow, Kolomyja, Sambor, Stryj, Drohobycz, Zbaraz, Przemyslany, Kuty, Sniatyn, Zaleszczyki, Brody, Przemysl, Rawa Ruska, etc. These mass-executions have been repeated several times in those places and in many others (...) In Rowno the murders began in the first days of November, when during three days and three nights nearly 15000 Jews were shot, men, women and children (...)"