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Name of deponent: Samuel Zborowski
Prior Residence: Strzemieszyce, ul. Warszawska 68
Current Residence: Myszkow (1946)


In 1942, the Gestapo broke into Jewish apartments, robbing everything, devastating, destroying in a most bestial fashion. In one of the apartments in Strzemieszyce, they found a Jew praying and dragged him outdoors. There they led him through the streets, mocking him with derision. They took pictures in of the unfortunate man in different poses and after beating and mistreating him for a number of hours, they released him.

In December 1942, police carried out a search confiscating all food and small items. Workers and factory owners alike were sent to Oswiecim (Auschwitz).

On 25 February 1943 Moses Merin arrived in Strzemieszyce. He delivered a speech from a balcony to an assemblage urging that all should apply to work in the German labor camps as the only way to save their families from extermination.
But, in fact, after several days the police made a raid and sent young persons to labor camp.

On 24 June 1943 SS and Gestapo surrounded town, took all people. In Strzemieszyce, 37 Jews were murdered and the rest loaded on railcars and delivered to the gas chambers in Oswiecim (Auschwitz).