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Name of deponent: Biber A.

The pre-war population of the town of Myslowice counted 28,000 people Silesian and Poles, in this also 1,500 Jews, partly born here and partly coming from Polish towns. Mixed people there are about 30.

Jews were mostly working in trade and crafts. There were 2 Jewish doctors, 2 dentists, 1 attorney and 1 Rabbi. Myslowice had its own synagogue and cemetery, it’s own Community Center where often took place lectures and other events. There was also dramatic circle, which successfully offered plays. Although there were relatively small number of Jews there was Jewish High School and influence of Jews was felt in every branch.

Some days before outbreak of the warm there occurred a mass flight of Polish Jews who had come to Myslowice earlier. There remained only German Jews and half Jews, who were not overcome by a general panic.

On 5 September 1939, Germans occupied Myslowice. Immediately, they plundered the Jewish shops, destroyed the Jewish cemetery and blasted apart by dynamite the synagogue. Jews were forced to perform hard physical work, old people are removing ruins of destroyed synagogue. Germans don't spare them blows and they take pictures of them in different comical poses.

Jews were not permitted to walk on streets after 7 o'clock in the evening. They had to leave nicer houses and give up furniture and valuables to the Germans. In June 1940, the entire Jewish population had to move to Chrzanow. The resettlement was planned to the street by street schedule. During several days Myslowice was without Jews. There left only mixed Jews (half Jews) who are working in local factories and lived till the end of the war this way.