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Name of deponent: Hela Fajgenblatt

Wisau camp
Hela Fajgenblatt born on 6.12.1923 in Dabrowa Gornicza
Parents: Mendel and Miriam (maiden name Jakubowicz).
Pre-war profession: schoolgirl.

I arrived in Wisau Camp (kreis Falkenberg) in the autumn 1942. The camp was situated outside of town in an open field. In the area of the camp were twelve wooden barracks and one brick barrack in which was located the kitchen. The Lagerführer stemmed from Silesia; his name was Nowak. The chief guard was a German named Steiner.

There were about 1,000 men and 24 girls in the camp. We women worked in the kitchen, the peeling room (for potatoes, carrots, turnips etc) and laundry. We lived in the barrack in which the Camp staff lived. The men worked in construction and road work. The men were treated worse than we. For even small offences they were beaten. The food was very bad. For an entire day we received: 10 dkg bread (<4 oz), a few unpeeled potatoes and soup.