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Collection of symbols used on Jewish tombstones in Poland

In general the motifs can be divided into four groups, according to their theme:
1. Architectonic framing whose basic significative intentions are: "sanctuary" (the function of sanctification of the separate area) and "gate" (the function of the limit and transition between two types of existence)
2. The tree - organic forms, representing the symbol of the tree (the tree of life and the tree as a symbol of vanity)
3. Wine and grape-vine (artistic motifs: the grape-vine, grapes, cup)
4. Light (two groups: in the first are: menorah, chandeliers, lamps, candles; in the second are: astral bodies (the sun, the moon and the stars)

Usually you can find hands symbol on Jewish tombstones (this is symbol of Kohenim) - ("kohen zadek", righteous kohen/priest)

photos of the symbols

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