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Berisz (Dow-Ber) Meisels
- Rabbi (born 1798 - died 1870)

Ignacy Schiper
- representative in Polish Seym in 1919

Mordechaj Anielewicz
- leader of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
(born 1919 - died 1943)

Henryk Wohl
- in 1863 he was in "The National Government" (January Uprising)

Rafal Szereszowski
- senator in Polish
Senate in 1922

Frumka Plotnicka
- Jewish woman, fighter in the Warsaw Ghetto and the Bedzin Ghetto

Majer Balaban
- writer and historian
(born 1877 - died 1942)

Abram Ajzenberg
- actor playing in
the movies before 1939

Jozef Gabowicz
- sculptor from Warsaw
before 1939