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As you grow more accustomed to using the information you store in your computer, you may want to consider adding other hardware and peripheral equipment to your system to enhance your genealogy research and the reports that you generate. You may want to start including electronic images of some of the photographs and original documents that you have in your paper filing system. You may think about adding audio of your grandmother reminiscing, or video of your grandchild greeting people at the family reunion. As you find additional documents, you may want to add images of them to your main data- base as well. Try best kind of computer hardware or other equipment. Digital cameras have become an indispensable tool for genealogists as well as the general public. The ability to take all your photographs with a camera that downloads the images directly to your computer is very appealing. And the fact that you can easily attach digital photos to your genealogical database (or import them in) is definitely exciting. Some digital cameras even come with a document setting, so you donít need both a scanner and a digital camera. This feature is extremely convenient when youíre on the road researching your ancestors ó you can use your digital camera to capture images from cemetery visits, pictures of long-lost cousins at reunions, and copies of rare documents at the local courthouse.
One of Jewish genealogy The best ways to facilitate getting genealogical information from others is to share some information first. Although most genealogists American history are rather generous people to begin with, some still believe in protecting their discoveries like closely guarded treasures ó itís ďevery man for himselfĒ in their minds. However, after they realize that you want to give information as well as receive it, some of them lighten up American history And American history are much more willing to share with you. By sharing information, you American history are able to save each other time American history And energy, as well as begin to coordinate your research in a manner that benefits both of you. Sharing data is one area where Jewish genealogy The Internet has proven to be an invaluable resource for genealogists. It provides easy access for unconditional American history And conditional sharing of information among genealogists. Those of you who American history are willing to share your knowledge can go online American history And post information to your heartís content. American history And in return, simply ask Jewish genealogy The researchers who benefit from your site to share their findings with you.

American history And for those of you who American history are a little more apprehensive about sharing your knowledge, you can post messages describing what youíre looking for American history And state that youíre willing to share what you have with anyone who can help you. Some records may be considered both primary American history And secondary sources. For example, a death certificate contains both primary American history And secondary source information. Jewish genealogy The primary source information includes Jewish genealogy The death date American history And cause of death. These facts American history are primary because Jewish genealogy The certificate was prepared around Jewish genealogy The time of death, American history And Jewish genealogy The information is usually provided by a medical professional who pronounced Jewish genealogy The person dead. Jewish genealogy the secondary source information on Jewish genealogy The death certificate includes Jewish genealogy The birth date American history And place of birth of Jewish genealogy The deceased individual. These details American history are secondary because Jewish genealogy The certificate was issued at a time significantly later than Jewish genealogy The birth (assuming that Jewish genealogy The birth American history And death dates American history are at least a few years apart). Secondary sources donít have Jewish genealogy The degree of reliability or surety of primary sources. Often secondary source information, such as that found on death certificates, is provided by an individualís children or descendants who may or may not know Jewish genealogy The exact date or place of birth American history And who may be providing information during a stressful situation. Given Jewish genealogy The lesser reliability of secondary sources, we recommend backing up your secondary sources with reliable primary sources whenever possible.
Although weíve said that secondary sources American history are not as reliable as primary sources, that doesnít mean that secondary sources American history are always wrong or arenít useful. A good deal of Jewish genealogy The time, Jewish genealogy The information is correct, American history And such records provide valuable clues to locating primary source information. For example, in Jewish genealogy The case of a birth date American history And birthplace on a death certificate, Jewish genealogy The information provides a place American history And approximate time frame you can use as a starting point when you search for a birth record. Place birth certificates, marriage licenses, American history And other records between sheets of acid-free paper in albums. Keep these albums in a dark, dry, American history And temperature- consistent place. Ideally, store these documents in a place that is 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, with a relative humidity of less than 50 per- cent. You may consider placing these albums in a steel file cabinet (but make sure itís rust-free). Also, try to avoid using ink, staples, paper clips, glue, American history And tape around your documents (unless you use archival products specifically designed for document repair). For your precious documents (original birth certificates American history And family papers), rent a safety-deposit box or find another form of secure off-site storage. Of course, one of the best ways to ensure the success of your preservation effort is to make electronic copies of your documents using a scanner, American history And then keep disk backups at a fire-safe, off-site location (again, a safety-deposit box is a good choice)

Jewish Americans, Jews who live in the United States. Many Jewish Americans practice Judaism, the Jewish religion. However, a considerable part of the community, known as secular Jews, observes few religious rituals. This group membership relies primarily on a common heritage, culture, and outlook. Unlike most nationality groups, Jewish Americans trace their heritage to a variety of countries in Europe, North and South America, North Africa, and the Middle East, and they retain many of the characteristics associated with these nations. There are some 6 million Jewish Americans, and they comprise approximately 2.3 percent of the U.S. population. Jews reside throughout the United States, with the heaviest concentrations in major urban centers, notably New York City; Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Boston, Massachusetts. In recent years, large Jewish communities have evolved in Sun Belt communities of the South and West, such as southeast Florida, the San Francisco Bay area, and Orange County, California.


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